(Houdini, Vex)

Move Point

Move point along a given vector

Move point along normal

Create a line, then add a point wrangle with the following code and create the spare parameters.

if (@ptnum == 0) {
    v@N =  normalize(point(0, "P", 1) - @P);
if (@ptnum == 1) {
    v@N =  normalize(point(0, "P", 0) - @P);
@P += @N * chf("distance");

Blend UVs

Blend/lerp attributes

Blend UVs

Create UVs and a UV Edit Node.
Use this in a point wrangle. Assign original UVs to first input and the edited UVs as second input.
Set Run Over to Vertices, if you have vertex uvs.

@uv = lerp(@uv,v@opinput1_uv,chf("blend"));

Spherize a Box

Build a quads only sphere

Spherize a box

Create a box and set Primitive Type to Polygon Mesh.
Set Axis Divisions to maybe 10.
Create a Point Wrangle with this snippet and create the Spare Parameter.

vector min, max;
getbbox(0, min, max);
vector center = (min+max)/2;
@P = chf("radius") * normalize(@P - center) + center;